Mari:e efficiency model

Accelerated increase in energy efficiency and CO2 emission reduction in SMEs


City of Karlsruhe


December 2013 - June 2016


The ‘Mari:e – Mach's richtig: Energieeffizient!’ project (‘Do it properly: with energy efficiency!’) gave small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to participate in a Learning Energy Efficiency Network. The process, adapted to their requirements, for executing an energy efficiency network was intended to enable SMEs to exploit existing energy efficiency potential and reduce CO2 emissions at an accelerated rate.

The pilot project based on the ‘SME Model in Switzerland’, which has been developed there by the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) since 2005, was being tested with 40–50 enterprises in various regions of Germany and its positive results regarding energy efficiency observed.

The networks in the Mari:e regions Karlsruhe and Nordbaden were implemented by IREES, Mari:e Saarbrücken was implemented by ARGE-SOLAR and Mari:e Leipzig by EnBW.

Role of IREES in the Project

The expected additional savings in energy costs and reductions in CO2 emissions were attributable to several activities that should reduce or avoid impediments for small enterprises.

  • An initial energy audit (in general, supported for SMEs) raised the enterprise’s awareness of the potential.
  • The identification of profitable energy efficiency measures was the basis for the Mari:e list of measures.
    This list and the multi-year target for increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions provided the management with a framework for action for energy management on a small scale.
  • The exchange of experiences on the efficient use of energy among the 10 to 15 (local) participating companies in the network in a Mari:e region during the term of (initially) 3 years was a central module of the concept.
  • Support during the implementation phase (‘hotline’, energy controlling manual).
  • The annual monitoring served as a reminder for planning the reduction in energy costs in everyday business, showed the management the annual progress made and provided suggestions for investments for the coming year (reminder consultation).
  • Information on further training and regular information by the Mari:e partners or the disseminator centres (chambers of industry and commerce, industrial associations etc.) on best practice solutions via the internet and newsletters (on request) kept the company well informed about new technical and organisational possibilities.

The final report is now available.

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