In our ‘Socio-Scientific Evaluation’ business segment we evaluate programmes in the energy sector such as promotional programmes and individual programmes at the federal state, national and EU levels. Depending on the research question, it can be recommendable to employ ex ante, ex post or accompanying evaluations. The evaluation indicates whether a programme or a project has achieved pre-set goals or will be able to reach them in future.

A vital part of the evaluation process is the analysis of supporting and inhibiting factors during the implementation stages of programmes and projects. The results of such investigations are mostly ideas and recommendations for more efficient programme structure, design and implementation. For surveys we apply various qualitative or quantitative methods depending on the research question and tailored to the respective target group. Further research topics can be found under projects.

We apply a mix of the following qualitative and quantitative methods:

  • online surveys
  • paper and pencil surveys
  • personal interviews
  • telephone interviews
  • group discussions
  • workshops and events
  • measurements

These social scientific methods are supplemented by literature and internet research.

We usually consult experts, producers, multipliers and end users. Our target groups refer to households, as well as to decision-makers in companies, business and politics.

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