Two new publications within the EE4ING project


Two new publications within the project IREES has today published two papers in Working-Paper format, which have been produced in the last months within the project "EE4InG: Energy efficiency for industry and trade".

The working paper „Trends und Einflussfaktoren für die energie- und emissionsbezogene Innovationsfähigkeit der Eisen- und Stahlherstellung“ undertakes a trial on the basis of a literature review and the analysis of world trade data,
to identify key global trends that are influencing the European and German steel industry. Without claiming to be exhaustive, the study identified China's market dominance and worldwide overcapacities, prices for production factors and products, and the value chain as a potential driver of innovation. Possible effects of these influencing factors on the willingness to invest in low CO2 processes were derived.

The working paper „Eisen- und Stahlproduktion in Deutschland: Genutzte Technologien sowie Kurzanalyse der Förderprojekte aus dem Energieforschungsprogramm“ presents on the one hand the status quo of iron and steel production in Germany with regard to the processes and production volumes used and on the other hand analyses the national funding of energy-related research projects for this sector in Germany in the period 2000 to 2018.

The working papers can be downloaded from the project page.

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